Enhance Workplace Safety with Insight360

Our AI-powered near miss detection system helps industries, including construction, to enhance workplace safety and prevent accidents.

Near miss detection
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AI powered

AI-powered near miss detection

Insight360 utilizes AI technology to analyze CCTV footage and generate alerts for potential near miss scenarios. This helps industries to proactively prevent accidents and ensure workplace safety.

Enhance safety at your workplace

With Insight360, This multi-industry tool can significantly improve safety measures by identifying and addressing potential near misses. This reduces the risk of accidents and promotes a safer work environment.

Enhance Safety
Proactive Accident Prevention

Proactive accident prevention

By detecting near misses and generating alerts, Insight360 enables proactive accident prevention. This empowers industries to take necessary actions and implement safety measures before accidents occur.

"Since implementing Insight360, our workplace safety has significantly improved. The AI-powered near miss detection system is incredibly accurate and reliable."

Eva Harris

Eva Harris

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“Insight360 has been a game-changer for our industry. It has not only enhanced workplace safety but also saved us from potential accidents that could have had severe consequences.” - Brooklyn Rodriguez